i miss you most when i try to act like i don’t care about the warm hands, i think that we’re best friends

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Darkness, Everybody - Man Overboard

boy made the effort to talk to me last night so ill get really drunk and make the effort to talk to him tomorrow night. that seems like a good idea rn. cool

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Rinko Kikuchi at the Have a Good Time store located in 1-2-14 Nakameguro, 108-0072, Tokyo. Photo by Chikashi Suzuki


Astronaut Neil Armstrong floats in his space suit in a pool of water in 1967.Photograph by NASA

you are so so so cute you should feel excellent about yourself wow i wish i looked like you wow

wow sweet!! thank u so much ❤️


I think I slipped a disk, man.

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*has my feelings surgically removed*

i got home at like 4am & got up for and successfully attended college three hours later who am i

am i still drunk or just sleep deprived

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